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**All Beer Contains Gluten

Cannonball Kolsch

ABV: 4.9%/IBU 20.3
A Light German summer ale
with a mild nutty flavor

*Disclaimer- Does Not Contain
AirBase Stout

ABV: 5.4%/IBU 37.7
A dark beer with hints of
chocolate and coffee, of
medium bitterness
All American Wheat

ABV: 4.6%/IBU 17.5
A light beer made with mostly
wheat grain, distinguishable
by its notes of citrus

*Pairs Nicely with a Slice of orange

Richey Red Run IPA

ABV: 6.2% / IBU 52.8
 A red IPA with a slight
haze to it, notes of
citrus and pine 
Outlaw Kottbusser

ABV: 4.7% / IBU 21.1 
A German blonde wheat ale
brewed with honey and molasses,
has a mild corn flavor